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As a life coach “creating the life you love”, Katja helps her clients to visualise and then become who they'd like to be. We can relate to this, because that's also what digitalJUNGLE aspires to do for its clients.

Working with Katja we got a good idea as to what she was all about. We then set to find a creative direction to express how her special qualities could benefit those individuals who sought them.

First we crafted a logo out of a tidy font, balancing masculinity (the font’s strength) and femininity (its curves and finesse) which Katja holds to be an important starting point. We then created a series of concept cards, illustrating aspirational themes that had come out of our work with Katja. These were printed on an absorbent board which would be individually dipped into watercolour paint by Katja herself.

Like her clients, each card is a unique piece of original art, with its own story to it. This is her gift, given without expectation. On the back is an invitation, by way of her contact details, to use her services.