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Headquartered in Singapore (with offices in the UK and US), SwiftRank owns 12 000 location-based websites, making it a world leader in providing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to the global travel and hospitality industry. digitalJUNGLE was honoured to be briefed with the creation of a brand identity to be elegant and efficient in its presentation, demonstrate the group’s commitment to professionalism, and project their status as a global leader.

We met the challenge with a brand ID central to which is an elegant logo inspired by the star ratings that rank the places that the client was targeting, which morph into a swift; being synonymous with the speed and efficiency that is the promise of the company’s product. This is complemented by the tagline 'Bringing the World to You', and an elegant look and feel which was designed into an impressive array of stationery, brochures, folders and a corporate website. digitalJUNGLE was also tasked with the design of templates for SwiftRank's 12 000 websites, and the sourcing of imagery for hundreds of the group's top destinations.